Monday, 11 April 2016

My Challenges At Camp

Challenge 1: crossing the lake

One of the biggest challenges in the mud run was wire walking across the lake. Before the wire walking I felt excited. No one really helped me. I succeeded but it took me a few minutes. I made it because I wanted to help my team finish. I learnt that if there's 20 people on the same wire you go deeper in the water.

Challenge 2: Pioneering
In pioneering the knot tying was a bit confusing especially when we were making the tripod. Before this challenge I didn’t know what pioneering was. Pioneering is a team challenge so the whole group helped. Our team did succeed. We had to hold Mr Reed and Mrs T.  We succeed because we used good team work. I learn’t what pioneering is.
Challenge 3: Cook Out
In the cook out finding logs was a bit hard because all the other teams had stolen the big bits of wood. Before the challenge I felt, well, hungry. In my team I started of collecting wood on my own but soon elijah joined me and helped me get wood. Our group made a delicious soup so it was a success. Again we succeeded from good team work. From this challenge I learn’t how to make a soup over a campfire.

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