Monday, 11 April 2016

my mihi

My Mihi
Tena koe
Tena koutou
Ko Nathan ahau
No Wellington ahau
Ko Miramar hill te maunga
Ko Tukituki te awa
Ko HNPS te kura


My Challenges At Camp

Challenge 1: crossing the lake

One of the biggest challenges in the mud run was wire walking across the lake. Before the wire walking I felt excited. No one really helped me. I succeeded but it took me a few minutes. I made it because I wanted to help my team finish. I learnt that if there's 20 people on the same wire you go deeper in the water.

Challenge 2: Pioneering
In pioneering the knot tying was a bit confusing especially when we were making the tripod. Before this challenge I didn’t know what pioneering was. Pioneering is a team challenge so the whole group helped. Our team did succeed. We had to hold Mr Reed and Mrs T.  We succeed because we used good team work. I learn’t what pioneering is.
Challenge 3: Cook Out
In the cook out finding logs was a bit hard because all the other teams had stolen the big bits of wood. Before the challenge I felt, well, hungry. In my team I started of collecting wood on my own but soon elijah joined me and helped me get wood. Our group made a delicious soup so it was a success. Again we succeeded from good team work. From this challenge I learn’t how to make a soup over a campfire.

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Moment In Time Mountain Valley White Water Rafting

Moment In Time
Mountain Valley
White Water

The sound of Luke and Lucas shouting ONE TWO, ONE TWO and the splashes of the paddles hitting the water filled the raft. On the first rapid Xiarn was sitting on the front. After a few rapids we changed the person on the front. I was supposed to but Luke pushed in so he was up on the front until lunch time. At lunch we went back up to the bus and got our lunch. After we had finished our lunch we went back to the rafts. When we got back on the rafts I was on the front for the next few rapids.They were probably the bumpiest rapids.